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Project & Programme Management - The Core Skills
Our workshops are unique in the way we incorporate simulations.  We teach teamwork and communication as central aspects of good project management.  We believe in presenting project management within a sensible practical framework which addresses both people and task issues.
Participation has exclusive rights to the world-beating Proaction range of project and Programme Management Simulations.  Our workshops are based extensively upon exercises, group interaction and simulations.  We believe that good management techniques are learned by experience.

       ® Proaction Management Simulations
Our course content and scope is constantly modified to reflect modern practice; our work with various UK business schools supports us in this refreshment process.
Staying "on message"
Our more technical courses such as our one day workshop of the use of Microsoft Project still place the work in the context of realistic project management. We do not simply teach our clients "how to press the right buttons".
Making Projects Happen
We have developed this fast-track one day workshop which is designed to assist high-tech and software organisations in refining their project management skills.It focuses on teamwork, decision making and an insight into the main issues in PM.

It uses an interesting and fun project simulation which teams "play". It provides real experience of project decision making within a team. The course in proving extremely popular in the software industry as a way of developing project skills for technical teams.
Practical Project Management
A one day course which provides an introduction to the subject and teaches the delegates how to plan with Microsoft Project. The course is based upon practical exercises and provides the delegates with lots of tutor-assisted hands-on experience. The delegates complete the course with a sound practical understanding of MS Project and a framework of good modern PM concepts.
 ® Proaction Management Simulations
Two Day Course
A two day residential course which provides a thorough grounding in the principles of project management, an introduction to work breakdown, estimation and control. It provides a good basis for planning projects with Microsoft Project, using realistic exercises. It also provides an opportunity for team working and presentation practice based upon simulations with report-back.  This workshop incorporates a whole day session working with "The Warehouse Project" - a Proaction® computer and team based simulation.
Three Day Course
A three day residential course aimed at middle managers who need to develop skills in all aspects on modern project management. The course covers teamwork, behaviour, control, communication and planning tools. It also addresses the theoretical background of sound project management within the context of modern international and high technology businesses.The course includes use of "The Environmental Defence Project" - a two day Proaction® computer and team based simulation.
 ® Proaction Management Simulations



These are tailor made for the client organisation and are aimed at developing specific agreed competences. These are identified by prior analysis and discussion with client managers and HR specialists.

The Business of Change
In conjunction with Proaction® Management Simulations we have developed a completely novel simulation-based workshop . The course is designed to develop managers in the art Programme Management. The course focuses of strategic and change management techniques and uses a unique simulation providing experience of co-ordinating a number of linked projects within an organisation. This is a powerful new event which will help you to develop business coordination and communication skills up to the highest levels in your organisation.

Many clients call upon our skills for consultancy, analysis and advice in fields such as:-
Project Management
Programme Management
Personal Effectiveness
Group Effectiveness
Internet Strategies
E-commerce strategies

Personal Effectiveness
We offer a dynamic and highly effective two day residential event to develop skills of Personal Effectiveness in your staff. The course promotes competences such as communication, creativity, conceptual thinking, time management and personal drive. It does this is within a supportive framework provided by experienced tutors. The course provides an opportunity to make progress with key issues for delegates within their workplace.
Group Effectiveness
We offer an exciting and enjoyable two day residential event to develop skills of Group Effectiveness in your teams. The course promotes competences such as delegation, teamwork, coaching and motivation.  It does this is within an exciting framework based upon the production of a team video.
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