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Technology Training

Internet Education and Consultancy
Participation are specialists in the area of business use of the Internet. Our one-day course is an ideal way to help your colleagues achieve good day-to-day competence in the understanding and using the Internet. 
We can help you optimise your use of the Internet for your staff.  We can work at the highest levels in helping to formulate your internet and e--commerce strategy.

Desktop Products
Participation offers a wide range of training services for the mainstream desktop software products.
Look at these course descriptions by clicking on the links to the left. Not only do we offer standard courses but we specialise in discrete small group coaching and joint problem solving.
Benefit to Business
We help our delegates to use
desktop systems for real business benefit. We do not simply train people to operate software.
Fun & Flexibility
Our courses are fun! They are within the reach of all delegates; they are challenging and very busy. They are a real learning experience.
We provide high grade course notes for all of our training products.
We can adapt courses to meet the needs of the client.

Realistic Prices
We do not price our courses using the all-to-familiar method of "charging as much as the market will stand". We price to cover our real costs and apply a sensible profit margin offering genuine value for money.

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